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Topical Sermons

One Another - Part 1


Topical Sermons

Who Would Have Thought?


Topical Sermons

Seven Walks of Ephesians


Topical Sermons

Small But Exceedingly Wise


Topical Sermons

Recovering From Failure



Food For Thought

Attitudes Toward the Scriptures

How do people today view the bible?  Some see it as a workbook of sorts, where writing reference notes in it and creasing it for quicke...

The Virtuous Woman

Modest is Hottest

  Modest is Hottest: By Hannah and Sarah Crawford /   The Merriam-Webster dictionary defines modesty as “freedom fr...

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Park Hill church of Christ

3536 Grinnell

Fort Smith, AR 72908

(479) 782-2415

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Schedule of Services

Sunday Bible Study @ 9:30

Sunday Worship @ 10:15

Sunday Worship @ 5:00

Wednesday Bible Study @ 7:00

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